Release Notes v4.8.8

Release v4.8.8 comes with the following updates and new features: New Feature! PVP Duels allow you to challenge friends and other players in Skill Games. WIN and double your Kash Coin bets now! New! Complete daily and campaign quests to instantly be rewarded in-game...

Release Notes v4.8.7

Release v4.8.7 comes with the following updates and new features: New and improved Para Para Sakura controls! All new thrilling experience for Dastardly Deep boss levels!

Release Notes v4.8.6

Release v4.8.6 comes with the following updates: Fixed issue with app failing to load past 0% for users in specific countries

Match Maker

Game Rules Rotator: Players can rotate Mojium left by holding on the center of 3 Mojium and dragging left. Matches: when 3 or more Mojium of the same color become grouped on more than 1 side, they will form a match and be cleared from the Mojium grid. New Mojium will...

Up and Away

Game Rules Fly: Players can tap the screen to keep Betty afloat as she flies forward. Reach the end of each level to complete it. Lives: Betty has a limited number of lives. Running out of lives will cause a Game Over. Chimneys: Hitting a chimney or environmental...

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Up and Away