Release Notes v4.8.7

Release v4.8.7 comes with the following updates and new features: New and improved Para Para Sakura controls! All new thrilling experience for Dastardly Deep boss levels!

Release Notes v4.8.6

Release v4.8.6 comes with the following updates: Fixed issue with app failing to load past 0% for users in specific countries

Match Maker

Game Rules Rotator: Players can rotate Mojium left by holding on the center of 3 Mojium and dragging left. Matches: when 3 or more Mojium of the same color become grouped on more than 1 side, they will form a match and be cleared from the Mojium grid. New Mojium will...

Up and Away

Game Rules Fly: Players can tap the screen to keep Betty afloat as she flies forward. Reach the end of each level to complete it. Lives: Betty has a limited number of lives. Running out of lives will cause a Game Over. Chimneys: Hitting a chimney or environmental...

Where can I download Kash Karnival?

Both Android and iOS versions can be downloaded from iOS users can download directly from the Apple App Store: Installation instructions on how to install the APK on Android devices can be found...

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Where can I download Kash Karnival?