We just awarded two people with a Google Chromecast 2 each, but it wasn’t even from within our app! As a fan of the Kash Karnival I’m sure you’re quite savvy with our focus on skill and in line with that we run competitions via our social media almost every week!

Turning Virtual Comments into Real Prizes!

Most recently, we had players test their shade recognition skills by hiding letters within coloured dots. Check out the image below for example, can you find the hidden letter?

Turning Virtual Comments into Real Prizes!

If you could see it, then you should have taken part in our competition, and maybe it could have been you we’re sending the Chromecast to! Worry not, because on most Friday’s we do a new competition to put your skills to the test. These competitions offer a variety of rewards, sometimes in game, like Remos or Kash Rewards, and other times real items. There might be one prize to give out, or maybe everyone who gets it right will win, so you’d be crazy to miss out!

We like to test skills of all kinds, your eyes, your mind, your memory, whatever we can think of! If we can find a way to test you, we will! Check out some of these riddles for example:

1. What can freeze you in time forever so that you might hold yourself in the palm of your hands?
2. What’s in water, air, even earth, but isn’t in fire?
3. You go for a jog, you get hot and you sweat, but I keep cold when I run. You have two able legs but I myself have none. What am I?

Think you know the answer to those? How about this image, can you count all the squares?

Turning Virtual Comments into Real Prizes!

These were from competitions in the past that you could have won!

Social Media is huge now, let’s face it, so we think it’s the perfect way to reach you, our fans, when you’re not necessarily playing the Kash Karnival so we can still offer you ways to win differently. Keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter, competitions typically run from one or the other, sometimes both! As we grow our Instagram feed and followers, expect some there as well!

Needless to say, this coming Friday we’ll be posting a new competition for our fans to take part in, reckon you have what it takes? This competition will be based on a something that is trending on the internet right now, something that takes some real skill to pull off.
We’ll be giving you the chance to test this skill and win a prize. Keen to know what this skill is? Want to know the prize? You’ll have to keep an eye on us on Friday to find out!

Keep it real Karnivallers!

– Riko

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Turning Virtual Comments into Real Prizes!

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