Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

Editor’s Note: This optimum strategy assumes you are familiar and relatively skillful in playing casual games. If you’re just a gambler on luck and chance then this one’s not for you – head over to any other old school casino to get ripped off – haha!

Are you new to the Kash Karnival? Maybe you’ve been around for a short time and haven’t really banked a truckload of coin yet. Well, your knight in shining armor is here to give you a little guidance and strategies to build that balance!

Essentially, having the best experience in any casino is having a critical mass of funds or collateral. Having enough money to bet on your skill means having the liquidity to bankroll enough bets such that you are able to absorb losses without going bankrupt, place big bets when you know you a good at a particular game, and being able to play a wide array of different games with different jackpots without hurting your bottom-line. At the Kash Karnival, we have identified that you will need at least 1 million Remos to be able to have a really good time.

If you’re a predominantly casino player, you may not like what I’m about to say. To prepare yourself for the best chance of winning your first 1 Million Remo Coins, you most certainly need to be skillful – after all, the Kash Karnival, is all about winning on your skills! The best way to your first 1 million is through skill games. Casino games are best played when you’ve got a little security in volume behind your spending, so you can wear some losses before hitting some big jackpots.

On that note, let’s jump into the strategy.Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

You should be starting out with 24,000 Remos. Pick a skill game you think you’ll be pretty good at. I personally like Dastardly Deep. There’s no time pressure and I can plan my attack. You should be starting on Zone 1 (easiest zone) but with only a small jackpot multiple. Once you’ve picked a game, place the smallest bet possible (minimum bet) – just so you can familiarize yourself with the game without losing too much of your capital. DO NOT PLAY PAST YOUR BREAK-EVEN POINT! Why? Well once you make a profit on a zone, you will instantly unlock the next zone (Zone 2) before you can make the most out of it. Once you unlock Zone 2, you can still go back to Zone 1 but the jackpots will drop as well – you definitely do not want that yet at this stage. So, the trick is to “practice” by playing the game just up to or below that break-even point. That means, if you bet 1500, ‘Take Win’ before your return hits 1500. Get close so you don’t sacrifice too many Remo Coins, but don’t worry, we’ll get them back.

Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

Once you feel confident to tackle the skill game on Zone 1, let’s strike! Place a maximum bet, 20,000 Remos, on Zone 1 and get as far as you can! Early zones are the easiest, so you shouldn’t have TOO much trouble getting to a nice high level, just don’t mess it up! You should aim to Take Win somewhere above level 15 – even better if you can take out the Royal Win.

At the end of this, you should be sitting on 2-3 times your bet – possibly 40,000 – 60,000 Remo Coins, or thereabouts (unless you’ve botched the zone). Awesome! Now for the next step – compounding your earnings.

Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

At this point, you would have already unlocked Zone 2. You should be now fairly competent in this game. Zones 1 – 5 are known as easy zones so you don’t have to worry too much about the game getting drastically harder – especially if you feel confident with the game and its mechanics. Now repeat Step 2 for Zones 2, 3 and 4: bet small initially, don’t win above your breakeven point, then bet big when you are confident!

Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

If you completed this past Zone 3, you should have more than 200,000 coins. I had 342,939. Zone 4 is optional. If you can max bet and get past level 15 you’ll make another hefty profit. Now you have a choice: If you think this is your game, slam out another Zone or two. If it’s getting challenging and you’ve lost confidence, move on to a new game!

Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

Time for the home stretch to kill that million Remos. My recommendation is Kashmore Katacombs and Match Maker – which are great games to move on to. They also have no time limit so you can just take your time to try and be strategic.

Follow the same strategy above for 2 – 3 more games – the higher the Zone you can reach the less games you’ll need. If you can beat Zone 5 of a game with max bets and a high level exit you’ll almost be at the 1 million already, if not over it! They key is getting the Royal Wins, since the jackpots are just great, but if you need to take win at level 19 to secure it, make sure you do – don’t be greedy!


Once you have pocketed the cool million, stay calm and be cool. You have enough money to now take on the odds driver casino games with skill bonus features. Casino games are good because they can potentially double, triple or quadruple your money in a short space of time – vs skill games that do require time, patience, skill and strategy. Tackle games with high payouts (big jackpots or high bonus free spins and multipliers). Multi-hand blackjack (Viktor’s Juke Joint) allow you to effectively double your money for each hand you play very, very quickly. Pool Party is a tight game but has massive payouts. In the end, settle in and choose a casino game that you feel works for you. You’re a millionaire so you can afford to take bigger risks now.

Generally, the golden rule is play to your capacity, be strict about protecting your capital. Once you drop below 1 million Remo Coins, go back to the above strategy to build up your capital again. Oh, and one more thing – don’t be greedy! Below are a few pieces of advice for Skill and Casino games.

Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

1. Keep in mind each zone gets progressively harder;
2. There is no shame in taking win once you believe you have made enough money;
3. Don’t chase Royal Wins – they can be very hard and elusive;
4. Keep a close eye on the jackpot multiples. At times they can be higher than normal – go in and smash the game at that point!

1. All casino base games are games of chance. Know when to quit at the right time once you have made at least 2-3 times your bet;
2. Different slots have different odds and payouts. Usually the tighter the slot game, the bigger the payouts;
3. The trick to slot games and Bingo is to try to get to the second screen bonus feature as they pay out a lot. This means being able to bet just enough to be able to spin at least 200 spins (thereby ensuring your chances of triggering the second screen feature) or in the case of Bingo, to play enough cards to trigger the bonus feature which in some cases can pay up to 20 times!
4. Second screens and bonus features are all games of skill – so pick a game which you’re good at in second screen.

All right. That’s it. Good luck in adopting this strategy – it works if you are really diligent in following the strategy closely.

Once you’re good at making Remo Coins, winning some real money becomes oh so tempting, doesn’t it? If you got game and are itching to now start winning some real moolah, then you need to head over to the Kash Coin version. The Kash Coin version has EXACTLY the same games as the Remo Coin version except this time you’re playing and winning real money and real item prizes. Oooh gotta love that cold hard cash!

Until my next skill game wagering strategy, keep it real Karnivallers!


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Optimum Strategy: 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Reach Your First 1 Million Remo Coins!

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