With the release of Version 3.0.0, we have some fabulous announcements to make. Firstly, we’re releasing two new games featuring everyone’s favourite diva, Betty! We are also removing the Remo and Luck currencies in favour of an unlimited free mode for all games. That means less time waiting around for Luck to refill and more time practicing for that big win!

To go along with these fantastic new features, we are also implementing a new progression system we call ‘stars’ that rates players on how they’re going based on their skill instead of how long they’ve played. We hope you enjoy playing the new features almost as much as we enjoyed designing them!

But without further ado…

Located in Lottery Alley, Betty’s Piggy Bank is the latest and greatest addition to the Karnival! Based on an amalgamation of classic match-3 gaming with those old scratch cards your grandma used to love, Betty is sure it will entertain!

The game runs on lottery tickets, so if you’ve played Ben’s Krack Stand this new game will be instantly familiar to you. For those who haven’t, lottery tickets are single use coupons that allow access to the games in Lottery Alley. They can either be bought with Kash Coins or randomly won over at the Adventure Casino.

The objective of Betty’s Piggy Bank is to match three or more little piggies to reveal the numbers hiding beneath them. If the numbers you reveal match one of the combinations listed on the right, you win big! You can only move 4 piggies before the game ends and the more numbers you reveal the better chance you have at winning so remember: you’ve got to play smart!

Bring home the bacon with Betty’s Piggy Bank!

and reintroducing…

Some of you loyal players might recognize this game which graced the Kash Karnival back when it was just taking off but now it’s back and better than ever! Help Betty go from drab to fab by collecting the right tools to beautify herself for the banquet at Mojikan’s palace in this completely remastered slots game. Banquet Booyah now features a never-before-seen GAMBLE FEATURE that allows you to instantly double or quadruple your winnings along with a whole host of new interactable items that drop very useful freebies to enjoy.

Break the Bank with Banquet Booyah!


Sadly, with the release of 3.0.0 we have decided to wave goodbye to the Remo and Luck systems. Don’t fret too much though, because we’re replacing them with all new and improved features like Free Play! This mode can be accessed in any skill game by dragging the bet slider all the way down to 0. You won’t win any Kash Coins for playing but you also won’t lose any practicing that tricky level! We felt that having two separate currency systems was confusing and didn’t align with our ultimate goal of providing a place where you can bet on your skill to win fantastic real-life prizes and money.

You needn’t worry if you’ve still got some Remos lying around as we’ll be running a Remo-to-Kash Coin conversion event from the 7th until the 14th of June. This means you’ll be able to turn your Remos into as many as 5’000 Kash Coins (worth $50)!

We’ve also added a new way to progress through zones in skill games with ‘Stars’! This works by awarding stars as you play, based on how skilful you are and how much you’re winning. When you get three stars, the next zone unlocks and you can move up for a chance at a bigger payout. The best part is that you don’t even need to make it to the Royal Win to move up a zone, allowing you the freedom to choose when to cash-out!

If Millie smashes Dastardly Deep and makes it to the last level before getting squashed by the Leviathan, she’ll have won three stars, unlocking the next zone and letting her play for even better prizes!

Enjoy the new version, Kash Kaernivallers!

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