Release Notes: 6th July 2016

What’s New – Release 2.4.0

– Option to only view Kash Store items ‘Within Budget’.
– New Lvl.10 ability for Match Maker. Experience Nano-Rotator, more details in game.
– Bug Fixes and performance improvements.

Notice For iPad Users

With the release of Version 2.4.0, we will no longer be supporting our iPad application from the store.

What does this mean?

In the past, Kash Karnival had two versions of the iOS app on the store. One for mobile users and the other for tablet users. We have now merged the iOS for tablet with the iOS for mobile, hence creating only ONE version for the iOS. This does mean that iPad users will recieve an ‘App version too low’ notification when trying to load the app, within due time, unless the instructions below are followed.

What will I need to do?

iPad users will still be able to play the application in all its’ glory, however they will unfortunately be unable to recieve future updates that we release. To recieve updates it is recommended that iPad users uninstall and then reinstall our app. This will provide you with the updated iOS application and keep you in the loop for future updates.

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Release Notes: 6th July 2016