Release Notes: 13th August 2015

What’s New – Release 1.0.0

– The Kash Karnival on Android has just received an update addressing performance, gameplay and user experience issues – ensuring that your time playing our games will be much more smoother!

Kash Karnival:
– Improved tutorial pop up placement;
– New players now will have to wait for 12 hours after logging in for the first time for their first Daily Spin;
– Resolved the issue where the current King of Skill District and Adventure Casino is not displayed in the leaderboard;
– Resolved the issue where players end up with full Luck when returning to the Lobby after entering games with a full Luck gauge;
– Improved overall user experience throughout the Kash Karnival.

Up and Away:
– Betty now no longer jumps every time the player taps to dismiss a tutorial pop up;
– Betty now no longer face-plants into a chimney every time player completes the Boomstick tutorial;
– Resolved the issue where game would hiccup when player’s Luck balance is updated;
– Improved overall performance of the game.

Mount Kashmore:
– Resolved the issue where reels would hiccup during spins;
– Updated payout information for the Toucan symbol inside the paytable;
– Resolved the issue of buying Luck after receiving notification of running out of luck – All relevant prompts should now display the correct pricing and payments should be able to be completed without fail;
– Resolved the issue of the Autospin function failing due to obtaining a win after a Level Up while still inside the game;
– Reinstated missing and non-functional tutorials;
– Improved overall performance of the game.

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Release Notes: 13th August 2015