Rotator: Players can rotate Mojium left by holding on the center of 3 Mojium and dragging left.

Multi Rotator: Players will unlock the ability to rotate Mojium right by holding on the center of 3 Mojium and dragging right. This ability is unlocked when completing Level 3 of the tutorial level. Once unlocked, this ability can be used at any time during a game.

Nano Rotator: Players will unlock the ability to move a Mojium column up or down by 1. To use, hold on a single Mojium and swipe up or down.

Ultra-Power-gem: Mojium Annihilator – Equip this card via Betting Panel. Can be increased up to a maximum count of 5 uses. When activated this will randomly select a number of Mojium and explode them to help clear the grid.

Power-gem: Mojium Destroyer – Matching a Mojium Destroyer will allow the player to destroy any Mojium on the grid.

Power-gem: Mojium Strike – Match 4 to create a Mojium Strike. Match it to destroy all Mojium in that column. Matching several Mojium Strikes together will multiply the score!

Power-gem: Mojium Swap – Matching a Mojium Swap will allow you to swap any Mojium with another one.

Power-gem: Mojium Atomic – Match 5 to create an Atomic Mojium. Matching it will remove all Mojium of that color. Matching several Atomic Mojium together will multiply the score!

Virus Blaster – Match 6 to create a Virus Blaster. Matching it will destroy all viruses and all Mojium 1 space away. Matching several Virus Blasters together will multiply the score and effect!

Score Summaries: The player will receive 10 Points per Mojium matched. Matching 3 of the same color would reward 30 total Points. For bonus matches (combo matches) that can occur from the first match, these Point worth’s will increase by 1 for each combo. Example: 10 points per Mojium can increase to 11 points when a combo has occurred. Worth’s are reset to their original value once the combo chain is broken and player can continue making moves.

A combo occurs as the result of a first successful match of 3. A combo includes any extra matches that are made from the initial match-of-3-mojiums.

Collecting 1000 total Points during a session will reward 3 extra turns to the player, the point count then resets, and player can accumulate again. Points do not carry over between sessions, only through levels of the current session.



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