How do Skill District games work?

Skill District games are a lot like your favourite action and arcade games where they test your speed, reflexes and mental flexibility! There are either 10 or 20 levels in all Skill District games, last of which is a boss level where you must beat to get the Royal Win!


How do Skill District games work?Play your way up the zones!

All Skill District games feature 20 zones, each one slightly harder than the last, but also with a bigger payout! Players must start at Zone 1 and can unlock the subsequent zone by getting three stars.

Betting and Paytables

Skill District games do not require a minimum bet to play but require some bet to progress through the zones. If players wish for greater returns, they can also increase their bet by moving the slider in the Mode Selection screen. To play for free, simply drag the slider all the way to the left!

How do Skill District games work?Move the slider to pick your bet.

Players can also see how their bet is affecting their payouts in the paytable to the right of the Mode Selection screen. You can only bet on the most recently unlocked zone (in the example below, my most recently unlocked zone is Zone 20).

How do Skill District games work?The more you bet, the more you win!

Did you know you can also increase your maximum bets as well? Just simply level up to unlock more maximum bets!


Every skill game has safezones. Once a player reaches a safezone they are guaranteed the payout value on that safezone if they get game over on a level above it (unless they take Fight or Flight). If a player decides to Take Win after completing a level, they will still get the payout value of that level, safezones are as their name suggests for when player’s get game over.

How do Skill District games work?Safety first!


Most Skill District games features Lives, which are the player’s lifeline to surviving the various challenges in the games. All players start off with a small amount of Life and has the opportunity to collect more Lives along the way by picking up Life Power Gems or scoring over 1000 points. But be careful – lose all of your Lives and it’s Game Over!

How do Skill District games work?Lives – There’s never enough of them!

Power Gems

Power Gems are special items that players can pick up during the course of any Skill District game. They all grant players special abilities that activates immediately upon picking them up – special abilities that ranges from an extra spurt of speed to an extra Life, depending on which Skill District game the player is playing.

Never miss an opportunity to pick up a Power Gem!

Fight or Flight

If players run out of Lives at any point in Skill District games, they will be presented with fight or Flight – an opportunity to take the safezone payout and leave the game, or reattempt the current level again. If they lose on this level replay however, they only receive the lowest safezone value of 1! Players only get one Fight or Flight opportunity for each safezone- if they lose again on the same safezone, then it’s Game Over!

Please note the final boss levels do not offer Fight or Flight!

Pausing the game

Need to put down your device to grab a drink or a breather while in the middle of a game? Worry not, for you can pause the action by tapping on any of the highlighted buttons below!

How do Skill District games work?

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How do Skill District games work?