Easter Eggs, Kash Coins and Krystals – Oh My!

Easter is almost upon us and Mojikan has something special planned for the Kash Karnival! And of course – there’s goodies involved.

When thinking of Easter, you may reminisce back to your childhood when you and friends would go hunting for those scrumptious Easter eggs. Well, reminisce no more for you can relive those memories in the Kash Karnival’s “Easter Eggspedition”!

Much like any Easter hunt, the goal of the hunt is to collect as many Easter eggs as possible. “How? And just where are these Easter eggs?” You may ask. Why, in the game of course! The eggs are scattered all over the Karnival as collectibles for you to find – simply play the games and they’ll just start popping up. (Protip: Playing in Kash mode means better odds of finding them). Collectibles is our most popular promotion – so remember to start early to beat the competition!

Easter Eggs, Kash Coins and Krystals – Oh My! The winning clan will all receive 500 Kash Rewards each. The individual winner with the highest count will win 20,000 Kash Coins, that’s $200!

During this Easter period, we also have a special offer for those of you looking to cash out. Currently, you can earn serial codes for every $100 worth of Krystals you buy in one transaction. These serial codes are your tickets into lotteries we’ll run at our discretion for various prizes. During the Eggspedition, you can buy just $50 worth of Krystals to obtain a serial code. At the end of the Eggspedition we’ll draw out one lucky winner from all the distributed serial numbers who will receive 10,000 Kash Coins, that’s $100!

Easter Eggs, Kash Coins and Krystals – Oh My! Remember that winning in Kash mode and raking in those Kash Coins means you can buy Krystals which we then buy off you with real money. (Translation: You PLAY GAMES to WIN REAL MONEY!) So why bother working a crappy graveyard shift or 9-5 when you could earn just as much playing in the Kash Karnival!

It definitely is a Happy Easter!

– Riko

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Easter Eggs, Kash Coins and Krystals – Oh My!

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