The Kash Karnival looks to celebrate Christmas all through the month of December with several promotions for players to try and win themselves some exciting goodies. It has been an exciting year with a lot of real item redemptions and we’d like to finish off strong!

Clan Collectibles
It all starts with collectibles. Clan collectibles is where players can join a clan and then play games in the Kash Karnival to find and accumulate collectibles to add to their clan’s score. You will all be collecting the following collectible – watch out for it and collect as many as you can:

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

The Kash Karnival will host three separate collectibles competitions.

The first of these started on December 4. The individual player who accumulates the most collectibles will win a $100 experience gift card which they can cash in for exciting experience activities like a ride in a race car, special dining events, hot air balloon rides and more! The winning clan will all receive 20 Lottery Tickets which they should hold on to for later in December, you’ll see why soon!

$100 Fancy Gift Card
The second week competition will award the winner a $100 Fancy gift card. Fancy is an excellent online retailer with a lot of very cool and edgy design items from hi-tech gadgets, to bespoke gadgets, fashion and furniture. We selectively source a wide variety of our Kash Store items from them. The winning clan will again receive 20 lottery tickets.

$100 Amazon Gift Card
The winner of the third and final week of the Clan Collectibles competition will be awarded a $100 gift card for Amazon – we all know Amazon!

To share the gifts around, players may only claim one gift card. If they happen to win another collectibles competition, the gift card will be awarded to second place – it’s Christmas after all, we want to share the joy with as many people as possible!

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

Lottery Bonanza
The final week of December will be the Lottery Bonanza, which is where players can use all those Lottery Tickets you’ve collected or won. Lottery Alley will be stocked up with 5, that’s right 5, real item prizes!

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

55” TV
Your very own 55-inch 4K TV to spruce up your living room for an amazing home cinema experience! Crisp picture and smooth framerates make for an astonishing picture on this large screen.

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker
Get the party pumping with this portable and powerful UE Boom bluetooth speaker. Wireless connection straight to your smart phone to blast your favourite playlist.

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

Cozmo Smart Robot
Cozmo is the latest in AI technology with his very own personality that will learn and grow as you play! His powerful technology lets him survey the world, explore it, and make decisions based on his mood.

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

Mi Box Set Top Box
Connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with Mi Box. It runs on the latest Android TV 6.0 which is easy to use, supports voice controls and Google Cast. Catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch the news or switch to radio.

Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

Tie Die Vans Shoes
These hand-made custom Vans will show off the bright side of your personality. Male or female, these fashionable shoes say you’re laid back but the life of the party when the time comes around.

Here’s how Lottery Bonanza works: Every 500th Lottery Alley player will instantly win one of these prizes at random. It’s that easy! So, keep smashing Lottery Alley to be one of the 500th players. Players can only win one prize and will be removed from the promo afterwards to give others a chance.

And that’s not all!


25% Remo Purchase Bonus
Don’t forget all December long player’s will get a 25% bonus on any Remo purchase. So now you can bet bigger and win more to stock up your Remos so you’re ready for the Boxing Day sales!

Boxing Day Sales
An entire week of 20% off all Kash Store items starting on December 26!

Wait…one more just for kicks!

50,000 Remo Giveaway
And just because we love you all, you can log in on Christmas Day to receive a gift of 50,000 Remos. So don’t miss out on all the fun and rewards this December!

Feelin’ the love from the Kash Karnival yet? We’re going totally bonkers during this festive season with these massive Christmas promos and giveaways. Brush up on your skills, smash those jackpots and enjoy the silly season!

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a Happy New Year! See you all in the new year with brand new games, features and more ways to win on your skill

– Riko

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Christmas Crazy Chaos Only At Kash Karnival

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