With our latest release 3.1.1, we took a huge leap forward with the Kash Karnival. With this step, we have moved away from the Google Play Store; now players have the freedom to download the Kash Karnival app directly and securely from our website. That’s not all though, the Kash Karnival website undertook a major face-lift and brought about User Accounts and our Online Store where users can easily purchase Kash Coins and Card Packs.

Link Your Existing Google Play Account to a Kash Karnival Account

Although the Kash Karnival app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, you can still link your existing Google Account to your Kash Karnival account via your user account in the Kash Karnival website, to ensure that you do not lose your player details. Affected players need only enter their email into the Google Account section in the updated app and follow the prompts to sync their accounts and carry on winning big!

STEP 1: Tap the Google sign-in.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!


STEP 2: Tap OK to navigate to our website.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!


STEP 3: Link your Google account and set a password.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

New Ways to Purchase Kash Coins and Booster Packs

We have totally revamped the Kash Karnival purchase system to make this transition as simple as possible. Now players can log into their account on our website to track orders, browse in-app purchases, manage payment options which now include Paypal and Skrill, submit support tickets as well as a whole lot more from any compatible internet browser regardless of whether your device has the app or not!

STEP 1: Add a product to the cart.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!


STEP 2: Select quantity then Proceed.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

STEP 3: Select your Payment method and complete purchase.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival! Safely Download the Kash Karnival App Directly from Our Website

With this update, players can safely download the Kash Karnival app directly from our website and instantly gain access to any future updates. Instructions on how to download or update the Kash Karnival app are explained in detail on our download page.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

Arcade Corner and Bonus Rewards!

We have a brand new ‘gaming island’ that has been added to the Lobby. Not only does it replace the Adventure Casino Island, but it will open the Kash Karnival to a range of unique new skill-based arcade games. With the rise of our Arcade Corner and it’s very first game entitled, ‘Ella’s Pipe Dream’, both current and former skill players can enjoy the short playtime experience our Arcade games will offer. Players can drop a few Kash Coins, play a short game containing 5 quick rounds and potentially double all the earnings purely through skill – no chance involved what so ever!

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

Arcade Corners first game, Ella’s Pipe Dream, is a colorful puzzler requiring quick reflexes and a sharp mind to master. Not only is it easy to pick up and play, but we have included in our Arcade System a Bonus Reward structure. As players progress through the levels, they can obtain extra rewards based on their performance within a level. Such bonuses include: Kash Rewards, Lottery Tickets, and Daily Spins.

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

This will eventually be joined by Kashmee’s Hoodoo Vodou, an innovative take on the classic target practice style of gameplay, plus more that we can’t announce just yet!

Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!


Skill Games and Upcoming Features!

Soon to rejoin the Kash Karnival family will be Ben Chow’s Sushi Star. This bubble match-3 game is currently being revitalized for the Skill District and will also include two of our newest features currently in the works. First, we have Points Summary, giving users the opportunity to view their accumulated points stack during a game session. Points are tallied based on their overall gameplay experience and a high score will be recorded. As players progress they can aim to beat their high score and ultimately wrack up enough to trigger the Mini Slot, our second latest feature. Taking on the look of our Daily Spin wheel, the Mini Slot can appear during any Skill session and give players a chance at earning bonus prizes. We can’t reveal too much right now, but these features will bring about a new overhauled gameplay experience for all our Skill Games.

Speaking of overhauled features, Creative Director, Myles Blasonato has been auditing our game to locate points where further entertainment systems can be utilized to enhance the player experience. The following systems will be overhauled:

  • Card Packs will become Booster Packs as they give players an edge during play. They will soon contain 4 types:

Ultra-Ability Cards: These cards grant players new abilities to use in Skill Games to help them progress further and win more.

Mod Cards: These cards modify a game’s elements in the player’s favor such as more lives, more time etc.

Boost Cards: These cards will make all Power-Gems in Skill Games last longer and stronger.

Prize Cards: These cards are instant rewards such as Kash Coins, Kash Rewards etc.

  • Better Rewards will be introduced to all reward locations to expand and include more satisfying prizes such as Booster Packs, Kash Coins and even a system that can convert Kash Rewards into Kash Coins.
  • Skill Games will contain a random element where all Royal Win levels are, now, random in difficulty. If the player wins, they double their winnings. If not, then they lose it all. This will allow for more dramatic gameplay and bigger wins.

Enjoy the new version, Kash Karnivallers!

Sal Winroy

Kash Karnival

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Arcade Corner, New Features, Improved Kash Karnival!

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