Skill Gaming Arcade

The Kash Karnival is the world’s first pure skill gaming arcade for mobile gamers who want to play games of skill to win real money, prizes and giveaways. Kash Karnival carefully crafts, designs, creates and produces high quality casual real money skill games including classic skill arcade games, action arcade games, Match-3, puzzle arcade games, R-rated and X-rated games, physics, runners and skill-based lottery games. All games in the Kash Karnival are games of pure skill, including lottery games which have elements of skill, allowing players to place wagers or bets on their level of skill to win real money or real prizes for successfully clearing each level of the game. The more skillful players are, the more money and prizes they can win.

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Kash Karnival X

Kash Karnival X is a dedicated to a range of R and X-rated real money skill games, for players that are looking to play games that are more risqué and erotic in content. These games are also games of skill that reward players with real money and prizes for beating each level of the game. Kash Karnival has a range of erotic skill arcade games for gamers to explore and enjoy.

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Real Money Skill Games

Skill gaming and real money skill games is an exciting new type of gaming format that places control in the hands of gamers to determine when and how much they can win based on their own level of skill. In other gambling games or products, gamers to not have any control over the outcome of the game and in most cases are simply games of chance. Kash Karnival specializes in skill arcade games that are easy to play but hard to master. Real money skill games for all gamers to find a game type that they are familiar, enjoy and win real cash and prizes the better they are.

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