Karnival Lobby

Welcome to the Kash Karnival! A social casino where you can bet on your skill and win cash and prizes the better you are. There are 3 main areas in the Kash Karnival with a variety of games to suit your play style: Skill District, Adventure Casino and Lottery Alley!

Skill Game Wagering

The best place to bet on skill games. The more skilled you are, the more you'll win! Choose from Puzzle, Match-3, Arcade games and much more!

Skill Casino Games

Play traditional casino games with fun and unique skill elements, multiplying your rewards. Only found in the Kash Karnival. Choose from Slots, table games, Bingo and much more!

Fun Lotteries

Jump into Lottery Alley, play lottery styled games and try your luck for instant real item rewards!

Bet on your friends

Interact with your friends with a range of social features that enhance your playing experience. If you think they’ve got the skill, place bets on your friends and win even more!